Kids Classes

Our classes are a perfect way for kids to learn about horses and western horseback riding.

The first few classes focus on teaching students an overview of what it is like to be around horses and what it takes to care for them. Each class they take will be tailored to their knowledge and needs. Students will learn from their instructors and from each other. We go at their pace and comfort level. As they continue to take classes they will learn more about the equipment used to care for horses and what to watch for to ensure the horses are happy and healthy. Kids can take this class as many times as they like.

In addition to learning to ride, students learn something new each lesson:

  • Safety on the Ranch and Around Horses
  • Grooming
  • Western Horseback Riding Equipment & Saddling
  • Catching a Horse & Walking a Horse on a Lead
  • Tying a Horse to a Hitching Post


  • After Care & Clean Up
  • Basic Health & Care of Horses
  • Horse Breeds, Colors & Marking
  • Different Types of Riding

Age Range: 6 years and older
Price: $80
Length of Time: 1 hour
Participants: Up to 2 at a time.

Dates/Times Available
Tuesdays: 10 AM, 11 AM, 1:30 PM, 2:30 PM & 3:30 PM
Wednesdays: 10 AM, 11 AM, 1:30 PM, 2:30 PM & 3:30 PM
Thursdays: 2:30 PM & 3:30 PM