Our Horses

We are proud of our horses. They were hand-selected for their calm and gentle dispositions. We continually work with them to make sure they provide each rider with a fun, and most of all safe, ride. Our excellent wranglers do their best to match you with a horse that will suit your abilities.

Photo and Event Horse Rentals

If you are looking to have horses at a private event or would like to use horses for a photo session, please use our Custom Request form.

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Front of a white horse standing next to a green wooden pole


“Sugar” A serious gentle giant of a horse, tallest horse on the team! He adores people, especially little kids. Comes to us from California, born in Texas. Sugar is a 18 year Appendix Quarter horse. 


This magnificent horse comes to us from Southern California via Missouri. He an 11 year old palomino Quarter horse. EZ is a very gentle, quiet gentleman.



Timber is a true gentle giant. He is super laid back, very comfortable and trustworthy. He came to us from Montana where he worked as an all-around ranch horse.



Sammy is another one of our head-turners! His coat is a beautiful brown and white paint. He's a spirited, but easy-riding horse who loves to be with people. He and Jack like to do tours together as they are best friends.


Ponyboy is a smaller very sturdy gentle horse. He is originally from Montana where he spent much of his time in the rugged outdoors on packing and hunting trips.

Picture of Jack the horse


Jack is a very seasoned trail and arena horse. He is very docile and relaxed. He loves people! Anyone can ride this big guy.



Marcel has been in our family for many years. He is an Appaloosa with a very quirky, loving personality. He is strong and sure-footed, guaranteed to give you a wonderful experience.

Picture of Splash the horse


Sky is a true head turner with beautiful markings! He has a big personality and one blue eye and one black. He came to us from Montana where he enjoyed working on a cattle ranch. He truly has the spirit of the old west.


Johnny Walker

Johnny Walker is an absolute lover! He loves to be brushed and is always giving you a hug with his eyes. He is equally as happy roaming a pasture by himself or touring with a group. He's an old soul with a big heart.



Archie has the biggest heart in a little horse frame. As one of our smallest horses, he's perfect for more petite riders. He's a good-natured fellow who wants to please everyone. He's originally from Arizona where he worked on a cattle ranch. Now he loves hanging out with wine country visitors.



This handsome fellow is a great addition to our SVTR family! He is a very sweet, seasoned trail horse and lesson horse. He is a mature quarter horse gelding from Petaluma, California. His quiet, gentle spirit is captivating, everyone loves Bernie!

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