Sponsor a Horse

Do you love the idea of riding or playing with a horse but have no horse, options or a facility? By sponsoring one of our horses you can experience "owning" a horse without actually buying or fully committing to one.

  • We have 12 horses to choose from to suit your personality and experience level.
  • Sponsors get unlimited access to "their" horse from 9am to 7pm, 7 days a week.
  • Sponsors are guided through catching, haltering and tying the horse safely.
  • Sponsors will learn how to groom a horse.
  • Sponsors are taught how to properly saddle and bridle a horse.
  • Our lighted indoor arena is available to sponsors.
  • Weather permitting, sponsors have access to an outdoor arena.
  • Sponsors will learn:
    • How to understand a horse's body language.
    • About horse nutrition and good horse keeping practices.
    • Learn basic first aid for horses.
    • Learn about different breeds, colors, disciplines and horse behaviors.
  • Three 1-hour western riding lessons are included with sponsorship (a value of $210).

Month-to-month sponsorships are available starting at $300.00 a month. Additional western riding lessons are available at a cost of $70.00 per 1-hour lesson.

To enquire, call Michelle at 707 343-5511.

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